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i walked out of prison with my spirit bruised, but unbroken. >> free after being held in an iranian prison for more than a year, hiker sarah shourd speaking out for the first time after landing back home and there may be new hope for the others still being held in that country. she flew into dulles international this morning after being leased on human taurean grounds and now, iran's president suggests is other two may be freed if the united states make as similar gesture. >> reporter: sarah shourd is back on american soil. still livin a nightmare. >> i stand before youoday only
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one-third free. >> reporter: iran is preparing to try her fiance and their hiking companion 13 months after the three were arrested. >> we committed no crime and we are not spies. >> reporter: read ago prepared statement, shourd thanked the religious and political leader ins iran for her release. >> the only thing that enabled me to cross the gulf from freedom to prison alone was the knowledge that shane and josh wanted, with all their hearts, for my suffering to end. >> reporter: for their mothers, the vigil continues. >> i love him so mu and want him home for his father, his proer and grandparents. >> reporter: h hints a prison exchange may be possible. >> i believe that it would not be misplaced to ask that the
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u.s. government should make a humanarian gesture. shourd was released in part because of medical concerns and after a check-up in ohman, she says doctors have given her a clean bill of health. >> after five months and more than 5 million barrels of gushing oil, that broken well in the gulf has been permanently sealed. government if i recaofficials m announcement this morning. it was tested one more time today before officia declared the well dead. while the well no longer poses a threat, the work in the gulf is far from over, especially for those who live and work there. more than 200 million gallons have spilled since april 20th. that blowout killed 11 rig
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workers. police say a man in maryland was shot and killed. it happened before 6:00 this morning. police were called to house in the 200 block of south market street. a man and woman were arguing and officers say the man left the house with a rle and fired at police while they were searching for him. the police fired back. the man was killed. investigators are still trying to fire out whether the officer fired the shot or whether the suspect turned the gun on himself. residents of the northwest ashington neighborhood where a catholic university student was killed are worried tonight ability another rash of violence on their street. eight people have been shot there. four last night alone. >>reporter: weekend violence started just after midnight friday with one being shot in the 600 block of long fellow street northwest. less than five hours later, a
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shooting at decatur street left a woman woded. the gun play worries those nearby. >> people sleeping in their house, i think this is outrageous. >> reporter: but perhapsthe most violent incident in a violent weekend occurred here along sheppard stret. it was just before midnight on sarday when police got a call because of gunfire in the area. srtly after, fur victims showed up tthe hospital saying they had been shot here. that shooting about a block away from a police substation. before sunday sunrise, another shooting. two people hit by gunfire in the 100 block of kennedy street northwest. it's kept police in the fourth district busy. marion bouzer says she has bn
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briefed on the matter. >> often time, we find if we have issues like this, if there isiolence or a shooting, somebody in the neighborhood can give the police the information they need. >> reporter: for some residents, there is shock and anger that this is on the rise. >> i've been in this neighborhood since i was ten years old and in the last 15 years, they have cleaned this neighborhood up tremendously and for this gun stuff to start shooting back around here, it is tremendously, i mean, it's outrageous. >> all eight who were shot are expected to survive. shirley sherrod talked about courage and strength at a d.c. church today. she was forced to resign this summer after parts of a speech she made were interpreted as racist. president obama and others later
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apologized. she explained how her faith helped her through that ordeal and why she was so shocked by the government. >> i just knew the administration would support me once ey saw what my messa was. most of them knew me. >> sherrod has turned down offers to return to federal government. she says though she may do consulting work on racial issues. a group of missing adults and children thought to be part a cult have been found. why authorities were pretty sure they were preparing for the apock lips. >> it was excruciating. also, police think the acid attack hoax led to a real acid attack against this woman. we're going to hear from her. 23-7. >> score predictions.
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it's heating up as the skins take on the texans. can't complain about the weath. >> no, they cannot and there's a hint of a cooldown and mention of rain. in sports, michig state's head coach is hospitalized after the spartans overtime win. the washington freedom playing for a chance to advance in the playoffs. plus, diamond drama. the nationals trying to halt the red hot phillies. news 4 at 6:00 ctinues.
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fans had a lot to cheer about last week with the big season opening against the cowboys. what about this week? the redskins hosting inside. darcy joins us outside the stadium. there can't be fan ws you outside the stadium? >> reporter: definitely not. the fans are kind of sticking around inside. they were euphoric after last weekend's win against the cowboys and today, fans are
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hoping the wins keep coming. they continue their tradition today in the parking lot doing some grilling before kickoff. fans are feeling confident after beating dallas last weekend. right now, they're feeling the skins are unbeatable. >> the old redskins would have not held the cowboys. but last week, it's a new team, a new coach and the texans don't know what's coming at them. >> it's going to be the best season we've had in a long time. redskins number one in this town with channel 4. >> i'm kind of scared, but i think we're going to be okay. >> 35 years of marriage today and we're at the redskins game. >> hail to e redskins. >> reporter: that's devotion there coming here on their anniversary. the redskins, 1-0 on the season, hoping to make it 2-0. >> good to see that anniversary couple and the chief as well. we'll cut him a check for that plug. thank you so much. coming up, the victim of a real acid attack talking about
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the woman who faked the whole thing. plus, in case you hadn't noticed, it has been gorgeous outside. chuck bell will join us to tell us about a cooldown and think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally
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thorities in california say the missing members of a cult-like religious group have
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been found safe. they were spotted late this morning praying at a los angeles county park. the group went missing yesterday. police say the group left letters saying they were going to meet jesus and dead relatives. they also left personal ichls including cell phones and property deeds. the arizona woman who had acid thrown in her face is talking about it now. she has second degree burns on her face, neck and chest and that someone through as id in her face on september 2nd. police say her attacker may have en trying to copy a fake acid attacker in washington state. she says her injuries are so painful that she can't imagine anyone deliberately doing that to themselves. >> it's so har to describe. it felt like not just a burn on the surface of my skin. i felt like it was burning my flesh to the bone.
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it felt like it was on fire. >> so far, no arrested havbeen made. a morial service was held today at howard university -- died on september 10th after a long battle with lung cancer. spent 25 years at howard, but was known for his column. reverend jesse jackson was one of many at today's memorial. a funeral for walters is planned for tomorrow. president obama gave a speech last night at the congressional black caucus dinner. he urged black leaders to energize communities to get out the vote. mr. obama also warned that republicans trying to seize control of congress would quote, turn back the clock. the president said he needed everyone's support at a grass roots level to help electeople in congress who would help support his programs.
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back to the weather now. >> it's beyond nice. last few days here in d.c. have bee legendary. >> the only trick is it's so nice, we're running it five to eight degrees warmer than average for this time of year. we're done with the 90s. 63 for the year. i don't see any 90s in the upcomi upcoming week, but it's going to stay be close asemperatures stay above average for the last full wek of september. outside, the perfect thing to d is get the sailboat out and go for a little drift on the potomac. we made it up to 85 degrees today. that's seven degrees warmer than average after a 61-degree start this morning. right now, 83 wonderful degrees outside. the hudity, not too bad. dew point temperaturesre in the upper 50s to near 60 now.
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low to mid-80s all over the map. just a little bit cool alongside the bay. the naval academy, 76 degrees. st. mary's city, bay wter temperature rs coming back down into the upper 70s, but the tropics are not done with us yet. this is hurricane igor, already sustained winds in the hurricane force range on the island of bermuda. the center of the storm is only about 70 miles off the west coast of bermuda right now and this is going to be a very close call. still looks like the eye wall is going to stay barely oshore, but it is going tbe a rough night in bermuda. hurricane force winds and large battering waves. some out in the openaters of the atlantic now between 35 and 40 feet tall. that's unbelievable. for u the warm air we've had all weekend is getting ready to move out. it will bring in cooler weather.
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tomorrow will be a nice day. winds 5o 10 miles per hour. a little mix of clouds and sunshine will hold temperatures tomorrow five to seven degre cooler today. another nice, cool night tomorrow. i think tuesday's going to be the pick of the litter this week. as the high pressure moves away, the warm air, heat and humidity come back. temperatures close to 90 degrees by wednesday and thursday. with all that humidity, believe it or not, the ance for some afternoon thunderstorms by wednesday and thursday. enjoy your sunday evening. partly cloudy and mild. 75, down to about 67 by 11:00. most erybody in the neighborhood will end up in the upper 70s. little chance for a stray shower on wednesday and thursdy. don't count on getting much those days. our next chance for a nice, general soaking rain may not
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come until seven days from now, next sunday. boy, do we need the in. if you're doing outdoor burning or brush clearing, put it off until we get some rain. up next in sports, michigan state pulls off a stunner against notre dame, plus, y e spartans' head coach had to be ho
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nashville's going to try to
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play a role of spoiler. >> that's what we care about. >> that's about all they can do and today, they didn't spoil anything. first, we start with a bit of news. national's gm gaveim wriggle mann a vote of confidence in ly saying, quote, i expect him to be here for a long time. last night, rizzo told reporters it wasn'tofficials. the nationals have improved from last year. today, the nationals wrapping up their series against the phillies. the nats trying to stop the six-game win streak. joe blanton into center. check out roger. bernadina, one of the best young outfielders in the game. we move to the top of the sixth. michael moore set the play with two on, two outs, full count. i used to dream about this in my
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backyard. drives one to right. that's out for a home run. >> you mean a grand slam. >> a grand slam. bottom nine. nats hanging on to a one-run lead. storn to werth. a walk-off home run for werth. the phillies score four in the ninth inning, come ba to win 7-6. they won seven in a row. nfl now. albert haynesworth is in active today. in detroit today, eae's quarterback michael vick making his first start in four years and vick was simply stellar. he started in the place of injured kevin kolb and he wasted no time.
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so smooth. throws to desean jackson and he does the rest. he's fast. 45-yard touchdown. one of two td passes for vick. eagles on top, 7-0. shawn hill getting the sta for the lions. matt stafford out with a shoulder injury and hill doesn't do much here. dubs it off to rookie running back. avoids a bunch of tackles. really good, young player. he's gone. 75-yard score. one of three in the game for best. detroit up 17-7. hill through for 335 yards and two scores. fourth quarter. eagles o offense. handoff to la shawn mccoy and he's a talented young man. 46-yard td. he rushed for 120 yards and three scores. michael vick and the eagles hang on to win it 35-32, the final. let's go to dallas. the cowboys trying to avoid an 0-2 start. first quarter, chicago.
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hesitates for a second, then hits the hole and then one man beat. the punter. no chance. 62 yards for the touchdown. he did make it look silly. dallas takes a 7-3 lead. but jay cutler and the bears offense had something to say habit that. second quarter, throw to hester in the corner. one foot -- two feet. a fantastic tch. remember folks, no team that has started 0-2 has never made it to the super bowl. just want to remind you. >> all right. >> michiganstate football coach had a heart attack last night after his spartans pulled off a trick play to beat notre dame in ertime. great news. he is okay and the resting comfortably. the 54-year-old had no known history of heart problems, but will remain hospitalized for
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several da. here's what happened last night against notre dame. in over time, michigan state down 31-28. they ve a chance to tie or win it. the holder, aaron bates, the punter throws it to a wide open gwan is wide open. they named the play, "little giants" after the movie. the play calling comes up big. 34-31. women's professional soccer playoffs kicked off today in pennsylvania. the washington freedom talking on the piladelphia independent. the chance to advance. philadelphia wearing gray on the attack. tina martinez to rodriguez. she scores. phil beats washington one nil in extra time.
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they move on to the semifinals. right now, the redskins playing the texans are leading. >> we'll see you tonight here after our big game, of course. should be about 11:30, we hope. "nightly news" is up next. that's the news. good night.
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